Wells In My Back Yard

Do you have an abandoned oil or gas well in your back yard? Are you sure? Oil & Gas wells have been drilled in Canada since the early 1900's, but it wasn't until the 1960's that rules & regulations were codified and enforced around the process of abandonment. So, like Calmar AB discovered, you could have an abandoned well in your back yard and never know it.

Easy to navigate map

WIMBY helps you find all of the 250,000+ abandoned oil & gas wells in Canada, color-coded for easy identification. Red well pins identify wells abandoned before 1960, yellow pins represent those wells abandoned during the 1960's, while green pins refer to those wells that have been more recently abandoned.


Over 250,000 wells

The entire abandoned wells dataset of over 250,000 wells is loaded up and available in WIMBY.

Search for cities & towns

Want to check out a friend or relatives' location? You can search for any city or town in Canada.

Check your current location

WIMBY will zoom right in on your current location, to see if there are any potential issues with abandoned wells in the vicinity.

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Make sure you know if you, or a loved one, is living with an abandoned oil or gas well in your back yard.